If you can design one thing, you can design everything

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“If you can design one thing, you can design everything.” — Massimo Vignelli

That’s true.

When you are designing an experience, you are following a process. That process is the guideline for you to complete the design.

When you start designing, you get an understanding of the problem, you work with your users to understand their need, you start collecting ideas and sketch them on paper, board, or digital tools.

You get feedback from your users and then finalize your design. Thus, you follow a path from concept till completion and create a beautiful design that provides the best experience to your user.

What did you learn from this exercise?

A lot of things!

How to dig deep a problem?

How to work with your users?

How to put your ideas to paper?

How to communicate your ideas to user and get their feedback?

How to draw sketches and edit them?

How to design experiences?

How to deliver the design to your user?

One more thing..

You know about the process you are going to follow to design a great experience.

This is all you need to design anything that is usable, efficient and user-friendly for your user.

You may need to customize your process every time you are working on a new design, however, the standard process will remain the same.

You will learn new things from each design task. But you are now learned enough that you can easily work on designing everything you want.

You now have the skillset and attitude that is essential to design anything.

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